Short term hire from Diamond Forklifts

Short term hire is the process of hiring materials handling equipment, from just one day, a week or several months.

Forklift Hire

Counterbalance trucks from 1500kg to over 10,000kg, Warehouse Equipment and Specialist trucks for any application


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Our short term hire fleet consists of an extensive range of counterbalance forklift trucks and warehouse equipment; forklift attachments and additional batteries are also available. At short notice, or in advance: we are flexible, so you can react quickly and always be prepared for unexpected demand.

This, however, is not the only benefit of short term hire; it can be beneficial to a range of situations:

Emergency replacement – If your truck has broken down and is out of action, while it is being repaired or serviced, a short term hire replacement can be booked in to ensure your operation is kept up and running.

Product evaluation – Looking at changing your trucks? Short term hire will give you the chance to fully evaluate a specific model before committing to a long rental agreement.

Operational changes – Is your business going through operational changes? Maybe moving to a different location? Short term hire could give you the flexibility to decide when, where and how long you need support.

Financial flexibility – With short term hire there are no long-term terms and conditions, so it can give you financial flexibility.

Specific requirements – Do you require a truck only once or twice year? Short term hire may be the answer!

For more information about short term hire contact Diamond Forklifts today.

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