The benefits of leasing your next forklift

There are several options available to acquire a forklift truck for your business, rental, outright purchase or lease. In this blog post we outline the benefits of leasing your next machine

Lower Initial Costs: You can acquire an expensive machine without paying 100% of the cost upfront.

Increased Productivity: New machines every 3-5 years will ensure that downtime is reduced, and the forklifts should be working at peak efficiency.

Cost Closely Matches Use: By spreading the cost out over 3-5 years the work done with the forklift matches the monthly lease and maintenance costs to get that work done.  It should help with budgeting.

Testing As You Purchase: Leasing allows you to test the machine without committing to a purchase.  Use the forklift for 3-5 years and, if it works reliably, and isn’t too well used, there is a provision to purchase it at the end of lease term.  Or return it.

Always Have The Latest Technology Updated Equipment:  With leasing, you get the opportunity to replace the forklift with the latest technology, updating your equipment at regular intervals. This is a strategy to keep technologically competitive in the marketplace and increase the performance of your business.

Maintenance Cost Can Be Part Of Monthly Lease Price: It is common for the leasing company or dealer to offer maintenance packages to add to the lease payment.  This added cost will depend on the environment (e.g. cold storage maintenance costs are higher). The benefit is that you can account for it by paying one price per month.

Leasing not for you? We have a great selection of used machines to suit all budgets. Call a member of our team to discuss your requirements.

Here at Diamond Forklifts we provide solutions to suit you …. our customer.

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