From pedestrian pallet trucks to heavy duty forklifts, and VNA to rough terrain, we have a product to suit all applications. Diamond Forklifts have a complete range of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment to offer. We also supply a wide range of specialist forklifts and forklift attachments from leading manufacturers to meet any and all requirements of our customers.

New Counterbalance Machines

With a selection of diesel, LPG and electric forklifts with lifting capacities of up to 20 tonnes we are certain we can supply a quality new truck to suit your application.

New Warehouse Machines

We offer an extensive range of new warehouse machines including powered pallet trucks, electric stackers, order pickers and reach trucks.

4×4 trucks for off road

Rough Terrain

For outdoor construction and with difficult terrain, a rough terrain forklift is ideal. It has inflatable tyres with thicker threads, allowing stability on uneven ground, as well as a more powerful engine so it can reach higher speeds, and better manoeuvrability, making them must more robust and durable.

This means that they are perfect for transporting heavy loads across rugged terrain, with some models handling up to 3 tonnes per load. The carefully calibrated counterbalance at the back of the truck prevents overbalancing, with it being easily operated in mud, ice or even snow.

Long load carriers


Sideloaders are, as their name suggests, trucks that operate by picking up their load from the side, from the perspective of the operator.

They are very good at handling wide (or long) loads that would otherwise be unstable on a conventional counterbalance machine. Sideloaders are excellent for handling lengthy materials such as timber, piping and sheets. This strength is also a weakness however, as they offer limited flexibility for handling more conventional loads. 

versatile multi directional

4 way machines

Four-way sideloaders are usually powered by electricity, diesel or gas. They are designed to transport and stack long, bulky goods within tightest space. The most common fields of application: wood industry and processing, industries where long steel or plastic pipes need to be moved.

The four-way sideloader is available in a version with driver’s cab and driver’s seat. The four-way sideloader lifts the goods with the side fork and places them on the table – a storage area on one side of the sideloader. The lift height is approx. 8,000 mm All 4-way sideloaders can turn their 4 wheels 90 degrees, which is why these sideloaders have a very small turning circle and are used as soon as the area for a standard sideloader becomes too small.

best for one side off loading


The telehandler, also called telescopic forklift is mainly used in construction, agriculture and industry applications. The telescopic arm can reach a lifting height of up to 30 meters.

Telehandlers have a rigid frame with maximum load capacities of up to 21 tons. They usually have a four-wheel drive, a diesel engine and a swinging rear axle to achieve a good off-road capability. For flexible and efficient use in any position, the operator of the telehandler can select different operating modes.

The front-axle steering is suitable for a fast drive from A to B, the constant-velocity steering for the smallest turning circles and the crab steering for simultaneous forward, backward and lateral movement in confined, narrow spaces. There are various attachments available in order to equip a used telehandler for the upcoming task

ideal for maintenance

Powered Access

Diesel access booms, also known as diesel boom lifts and diesel cherry pickers, deliver excellent productivity and carrying capacity. We offer a range of fuel-efficient machines, including articulating booms and stick booms.

Electric scissors lifts allow operatives to work a height with plenty of tools and materials. Ideal for clean environments, select from electric scissor lifts with max working heights from 7.8 metres to 13.93 metre

Electric personnel boom lifts are low-noise, fume-free and have non-marking tyres for use in clean environments. These mast booms offer excellent up-and-over reach. Choose from maximum working heights up to 10.1 metres.

scrubbers, sweepers

Industrial cleaning

Diamond Forklifts offer a full range of industrial cleaning solutions from small to mid-sized professional pedestrian scrubber-driers to municipal sweepers.

Scrubber-driers are ideal for use in a range of environments where there is a mix of vast spaces and nooks and crannies. From hospitals, shopping centres and railway stations to warehouses and car parks.

Our pedestrian sweepers are perfect for the application of cleaning in both commercial and industrial contexts. As such, they will approach shop floors, shopping centres, factories and warehouses with the same degree of ease.

We also offer a comprehensive range of municipal street cleaning sweepers, all of which have been engineered specifically to be fit for this intended purpose.