Heli OPSM Light Order Picker

Why use a ladder – risking potential employee injuries when you can use the Heli OPSM Light Order Picker?



Key Features:

  • The truck is compact and can easily pass through workshop aisles and low doors – making it suitable for retail, storage centres, libraries and other narrow spaces.
  • The truck features electric lifting and travelling. When the lifting height reaches 0.5m or higher, it will automatically decelerate which creates better stability.
  • The front tray can adjust its height freely.
  • The truck adopts double safety protection measures. When the driver’s hands or feet extend out of the truck body, the truck will stop driving to avoid injury.
  • Independent fingertip control system – including control on acceleration, lifting, tortoise speed, emergency stop is comfortable for operation.

Download: Heli OPSM Order Picker Brochure