Electric AC Powered Counterbalance Pedestrian Stacker Truck 0.6/1.2/1.6t


  • CDD06/12/16 Counterbalance Pedestrian Fork Lift
  • 600 to 1600kg Capacity @ 500mm Load Centre
  • Various Battery Options Available
  • Power Steering
  • Fork Length: 1070mm
  • Lift Height: Standard Duplex 1400 to 4500mm
  • Duplex Full Free Lift 2400 to 5150mm(Optional)
  • Long Warranty


Heli CDD06/12/16 AC Electric Powered Counterbalance Pedestrian Stacker

The CDD06/12/16 Counterbalance Pedestrian stacker is a compact, ergonomic and versatile stacker that provides a highly economic and flexible handling solution in a wide variety of environments.

Capable of handling both single and double-sided pallets, the CDD06/12/16 is a compact truck that performs many of the tasks traditionally associated with a forklift truck in considerably less space and at a much lower cost

Download: 1.2 to 1.6t Counterbalance Stacker

Download: Heli 1600kg Counterbalance Stacker