WPL201 Electric Pallet Truck

With the WPL 201 EP introduces the worlds first purpose-built Li-Ion electric pallet truck with 2.0to capacity. At a length of only 423mm it is by far the shortest 2to pallet truck in the world, optimized for usage in narrow aisles and on the taillift. Due to its Plug&Play components it also sets a benchmark in terms of serviceability and TCO. Combined with a 48V brushless DC motor, it is the perfect tool for warehouse application as well as loading and unloading of HGVs.



The WPL 201 Lithium Ion pallet truck is a high-performance electric pallet truck, designed around the needs of warehouses around the world. Due to its 48V brushless DC motor, it can be used in the delivery application, where gradeability, as well as ground clearance, is needed (without support wheels). At the same time it is the perfect truck for loading & unloading in distribution centers as well as warehouses. With the optional support wheels it can be equipped for maximum stability.