CPD15LE – 3 Wheel Counterbalance

The CPD15LE three-wheel counterbalance lithium forklift truck is a 3 wheel electric forklift truck with the ability to fit in narrow spaces due to its small turning radius, ideal for light to medium load handling, The three-wheeled Lithium chassis offers maximum manoeuvrability & flexibility. Equipped with Lithium battery, the CPD15LE Lithium 3 wheel counterbalance lithium forklift truck comes standard with a super-fast charger, with the ability to be charged up to 80% in 2 hours.


The Lithium battery can be charged several times during work hours to maintain productivity for a full 8-hour shift. The CPD15LE Lithium three- wheel counterbalance forklift truck is built around all the advantages of Lithium technology, integrated with a 48V/160Ah battery, this CPD15LE supports opportunity charging, which minimises disruption of work schedules. Designed for driver comfort & optimal safety, the CPD15LE 3 wheel counterbalance lithium forklift truck yields efficiency gains by ensuring the operators are more productive as a result.