CPD20L2- 3 Wheel Counterbalance

The CPD20L2 and is the new Lithium premium three-wheel Lithium forklift built around all the advantages of Lithium technology. Designed with better ergonomics for high intensity shifts and long working hours. CPD20L2 lithium forklift provides powerful lifting performance and optimal operator comfort. CPD20L2 Lithium forklift truck uses all the advantages of Lithium technology and is designed around a small but powerful 48V/360Ah Lithium Battery.


The CPD20L2 Lithium 3 wheel forklift is developed with a new structure based around a 2 piece counterweight to increase the legroom and ergonomics to a level never seen in the industry before. The Lithium battery provides opportunity charging, with the ability to be charged up to 80% in 2 hours. It also communicates via Can-Bus which ensures the CPD20L2 Lithium 3 wheel forklift achieves optimal efficiency at all times.